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The homepage for accumulator tanks supplied by de la Haye Engineering Ltd.


The directors and staff at de la Haye Engineering have been advising on and supplying accumulator tanks for a wide variety of renewable and other applications since 2005.  We are renowned as specialists in specifying accumulator tank systems.

We also have extensive experience in biomass boiler system design, supply and installation; please see our dedicated website for all our biomass boiler products and services:


But what is an accumulator tank, and why would I use one?

An accumulator tank or thermal store enables the highest level of efficiency and flexibility in water-based heating systems for both commercial and domestic applications.

Manufactured to order in Finland, the Akvaterm accumulator tanks we supply are highly insulated thermal storage vessels ranging in standard sizes from 300 to 10,000 litres capacity.  Akvaterm tanks are fully customiseable in terms of connections, coils, pressure rating, insulation and even size (the latter on Akva models only).

Their function is to collect and store heat energy from any source and allow the flexible use of this heat energy, either directly for space heating or via an internal heat exchanger for domestic hot water (DHW).

An accumulator tank is the answer for all micro-generation renewable sources: solar thermal panels, biomass boilers, wind turbines and heat pumps can all be connected to the thermal store, and if the energy is not needed at the time of generation the tank will store it for later use.

Akvatmer accumulator tanks are especially suitable as a thermal store in log boiler or stove systems.  Log boilers need to be fired at high temperature in order to achieve maximum efficiency and should not be banked down. The accumulator tank is therefore used to store the heat from at least one firing of a fully loaded log chamber, allowing use of this heat as required long after the boiler has completed its firing cycle.

A 'loading' or 'charging' unit (such as the Laddomat 21) is used to maintain a high return temperature to the boiler and to 'charge' the accumulator tank from the top downwards with high temperature water, thus creating layering or 'stratification'.  Hot water for heating and DHW is then available soon after lighting the boiler.



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